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First Conditional clauses. Lesson’s plan 20. Grade: 10
26-11-2014 10:02
First Conditional clauses. Lesson’s plan 20. Grade: 10

Lesson’s plan 20

Grade: 10

Date: 17. 11. 2014

Theme: First Conditional clauses

Aims: 1: educational: to teach first conditional clauses and use it in their speech

2) pedagogical: teach them to work in group and individually, to evaluate themselves

3) developing: develop their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.

Materials: Interactive board, headphones, notebooks, posters, markers, stickers

Methods of technologies: seven modules, taxonomy of Bloom


Lesson stage


Activity type, modules



Greeting of pupils. Teacher is giving them the sheet of s

criterions of evaluation themselves and dividing them into three groups, they choose the cards with the names of well-known foretellers: 1- Vanga

2-Edgar Cayce

3- Nostradamus


3 min


Then check their homework one by one, and they are evaluating themselves in the sheet of criterion

T=P, ICT,TCE, criterion evaluation

3 min


Let’s revise Present simple and future simple tenses, say to me the formula of tenses and when we use it in our speech.

Look at the board and look at the pictures, say to me the theme of today’s lesson and its aim



Critical thinking

2 min


Open your books and read the theory of first conditional, then I give you posters and markers. Your task is: To describe the tree of prediction using first conditional and its formula. Each group evaluates each other:1 group clap,2 group stomp, 3 group uses thumb

The tree of prediction

Critical thinking

Group work, ICT,TCE

Management by leaders of the group, formative evaluation

7 min


Stand up and go towards your notebooks, take your seats, then open the foalder 10th grade and click the music, listen to it with your headphones, fill the missing words. Evaluate yourselves in the sheet of criterion. Then work in pairs, compare with your partner and check it looking at the board

Individual work and pair work

ICT,TCE, criterion evaluation


7 min


Find first conditional  clauses and make a dialogue. Act out

Dialogue teaching,

ICT,TCE, group work. Management by leaders of the group, criterion evaluation

9 min


Take your seats and do the test in your notebooks, open the folder and click English in Mind 3, evaluate yourselves in the sheet of criterion

Individual work, ICT, TCE, Critical thinking, criterion evaluation

7 min


Count your score and Evaluate yourselves. Give them the homework

Individual work, ICT, TCE, Critical thinking, criterion evaluation

5 min


Stick your stickers on the board, where are smiles: 1 smile is I have understood everything, 2 smile is I have understood a little, 3

Smile is I have understood nothing.

Individual work, ICT, TCE

2 min